Seduced by sounds, Viola started collecting sound bytes of ambience and voices during her professional photographic trips. Her passion for storytelling, expressed in pictures with the reportage, is naturally transmitted through sounds in radio documentary. She has started telling some personal stories, integrated into the social context of the times, on the national Italian radio.

RADIO TRE RAI - TRE SOLDI: "RISALENTO, verso un nuovo paesaggio pugliese"

“Risalento. Towards a new Apulian landscape” by Viola Berlanda – Puglia

We are in the land of Arneo, in the heart of Salento. In a context where the bacterium called Xylella continues to kill all the olive trees, the territory and its inhabitants find themselves fighting a tough battle against natural and human elements. Starting from the intimate stories linked to a newly born small forest and its guardian, life, death, and threats of our heel are explored.

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