Seduced by sounds, Viola started collecting sound bytes of ambience and voices during her professional photographic trips. Her passion for storytelling, expressed in pictures with the reportage, is naturally transmitted through sounds in radio documentary. She has started telling some personal stories, integrated into the social context of the times, on the national Italian radio.

RFI - SI LOIN SI PROCHE: "SALENTO, le Finistère des possibles"

“Salento, the Finistère of possibilities”

For about a decade, Salento, a region in Puglia with majestic lands, has been experiencing an unprecedented tragedy. This tragedy is known here as Xillela Fastidiosa, a bacterium that has devastated millions of centuries-old olive trees that shaped, as in the whole Mediterranean, the landscapes and culture of this Italian “finis terrae.” It used to be referred to as the civilization of the olive tree. Today, this civilization, this monoculture, has essentially come to an end in Salento. However, a part of its people have chosen to learn from this tragedy and to write the continuation of its story by reinventing in a more sustainable way the deep connection that binds them to this increasingly desertified territory. Situated between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, amidst maquis and cliffs, between East and West, between ochre land and azure lagoon, Salento boasts a stunning natural and cultural beauty; but beyond the postcard image, this land, like elsewhere in southern Italy, is suffering from significant rural exodus and critical desertification. Therefore, to stay and defend this land, activists, artists, new and old farmers, old and young residents have decided to let nature be their guide, so as not to lose their way anymore.

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