Viola Berlanda, fotografa.Viola Berlanda has published photo reports in international magazines such as Elle, Internazionale, Le Monde2, Marie Claire, El Mundo, La Repubblica… Her photo reportages explore complex political and social contexts.
Samples of her work can be found on this website such as the daily life of victims of an industrial disaster in Bhopal, the lives of the descendents of a 19th century French Aristocrat in Cape Verde, the adventures of Brasilian prostitutes who set up their own fashion label, the fate of the last gauchos in Uruguay, and more.
Rather than adopting the perspective of an external observer, Viola Berlanda tries to develop close relationships with the protagonists of her photo reportages, allowing her to see the world through their eyes. Viola’s goal is to lead the viewer beyond exoticism and into a discovery of our shared humanity. Born in Turin (Italy) in 1975, she taught herself photography while still in high school, and perfected her skills during an internship at the Magnum Agency in Paris, France.

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